What Is Cigna Travel Insurance?


Cigna Travel insurance offers a wide range of coverage options that are designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of travelers. In addition to offering basic travel medical insurance, Cigna Travel insurance also offers coverage for children’s travel insurance, pet travel insurance, and disability travel insurance. If you or a family member has an ailment that requires specialized treatment and monitoring, there is coverage available through the company for such treatments. In addition, for those who travel for business purposes, Cigna Travel insurance can provide coverage for business related travel expenses. If you travel on a regular basis to work, attend school or visit family and friends, you can benefit from the company’s many different types of coverage.

The primary types of Cigna Travel insurance are General Liability, Commercial General Liability and Travel Health and Medical Insurance. General Liability coverage is available at low cost share. This type of coverage will provide coverage for a variety of events, accidents and illnesses that happen outside the country in which the policyholder resides. Coverage includes injuries sustained abroad, and the costs of lost wages and other compensation for a covered event. For most common but dangerous illness or injury that takes place abroad, medical evacuation is available at a fraction of the normal travel medical cost. This type of Cigna Travel insurance policy can save a traveler thousands of dollars in medical costs and reduction of risk to the policy holder.

Commercial General Liability provides coverage for loss or damage to property or injury to an employee or member of the policyholders. The policyholder’s assets will be protected from lawsuits arising from incidents that may happen outside the country in which the insured person resides. It is also wise to review the Commercial General Liability quotes of various companies very carefully. The rates and the policy provisions are important considerations.

While all travel insurance plans cover pre-existing medical condition, it is important to understand the difference between pre-existing medical condition coverage and guaranteed issue. With a guaranteed issue policy, a medical exam must be preformed prior to signing the agreement. A guaranteed issue policy usually does not cover medical emergencies unless it is an emergency as determined by the insurer. Pre-existing medical conditions are not normally covered with travel insurance policies.

Cigna Travel Insurance offers many types of plans to suit every individual’s need, budget and lifestyle. A Cigna travel insurance plan can be tailored to suite the needs of a particular individual. For instance, there are Cigna travel insurance packages that can be tailored to cater to families travelling together. Families can also enjoy special packages that include all family members on the trip. Family packages include accommodation, food and beverages, leisure activities and even excursions.

One of the most popular trips undertaken by families and individuals, in all weather and climatic conditions, are white water rafting trips. White water rafting is a captivating activity enjoyed every year by enthusiastic river rafting enthusiasts. Families on their vacations will surely have their favorite spot selected for white water rafting; however, there is no way they can enjoy their trip without adequate insurance coverage. When travelling on holiday, it is therefore necessary to understand whether the insurance offered will cover the cost of all the planned activities or only certain parts of them.

Cigna Travel Insurance provides travelers with the necessary coverage when travelling outside the United Kingdom, in all the countries surrounding it and in all the islands and playgrounds around the globe. A traveler can call us on 0800 8 Atkins 675 for all their travel insurance needs. This is a dedicated helpline for all insurance concerns relating to travel. A customer representative will be with you during your vacation to assess and review your travel insurance policy and answer any questions that you may have about Cigna Travel Insurance. In case of any emergency while travelling, the representatives will assist you and help you get the necessary treatment as fast as possible.

The entire insurance package is tailored and well-planned by Cigna Travel Insurance’s experts, covering all types of travel and tours, including cruises and tours, family holidays, honeymoon packages, all-inclusive vacations and travels abroad, family travel packages and medical insurance. A variety of policies are available to suit all kinds of travel needs and budgets, including short-term travel insurance. Coverage is extensive, covering everything from medical emergencies to emergencies occurring abroad while traveling, so if you’re planning a trip and you’re worried about the coverage, don’t hesitate to contact Cigna Travel Insurance for all your insurance needs. You can contact them free of charge and they will provide you with a comprehensive quote on your medical needs within minutes.