What You Should Know About AIG Travel Guard Insurance


AIG travel has different travel insurance policies. They have travel insurance quotes for travelers. One is for business travelers, other is for leisure travelers. These policies are designed to cater to the needs of travelers.

Travel Guard insurance plans provide cover for loss of luggage, theft, medical expenses and legal expenses during a trip abroad. If you travel in groups, travel insurance plans offer trip cancellation or delay coverage. Coverage may also include flight cancellation coverage and flight accident insurance. Other plans may include enhanced personal medical and legal assistance, reimbursement of deposits or unrefundable receipts if you have to cancel your trip because of an accident, injury, or death of a member of your family, Travel delayed or canceled coverage, and other benefits specific to travel guards.

Another group of travelers who are often not covered by travel insurance plans include those traveling in hazardous environments. Hazardous travel health insurance plans provide protection from the financial impact of having an illness or accident that causes travel delays or cancellation. Travelers with this type of coverage should carefully review their health insurance policies, especially the part that covers possible illness, injuries, or accidents while traveling outside the United States or in a country that is considered a high risk travel destination. This policy may provide an equivalent or better benefit than a primary travel insurance policy, depending on the travel circumstances.

In addition, AIG travel insurance provides coverage for employees traveling in support of their employers’ policy. This means that AIG guards are also included in the coverage of an employer’s travel insurance plan. If an employee has a pre-existing condition, he or she can be covered by the plan. Similarly, an employee may be covered for pre-existing conditions that arise during the course of an event, regardless of the event. This means that AIG travel guards may be eligible for reimbursement for any medication that they may need to administer to a family member during or after travel.

One type of travel insurance that is available to guards is trip cancellation. Trip cancellation insurance plans offer protection in the event that your travel plans are canceled for any reason. Trip cancellation insurance helps protect you from the financial impact of a sudden departure from any destination. Most trip cancellation insurance plans offer coverage from the date of departure until a set amount of time later, at which time the coverage becomes effective. In the event that the primary insurance policy expires while a trip is in process, a trip cancellation policy will provide coverage. Trip cancellation insurance plans may cover a flight to another country or a change of venue, as long as you continue coverage under the same plan.

One type of travel insurance plans offer coverage for medical emergencies and evacuation. These plans cover pre-existing conditions and recovery time. They also include coverage when a primary care physician is not available to treat a covered emergency. Certain travel insurance plans offer coverage on rental cars while away from home, as long as the trip isn’t extended. If a guard’s travel itinerary includes areas affected by natural disaster, coverage may be added to his or her travel policy for each vehicle rented for the duration of the trip.

Another type of insurance offered by AIG is travel insurance for guards employed at hazardous sites. This type of insurance coverage pays up to one million dollars for employees who are placed in dangerous situations while working. For guards working in the U.S., companies such as AIG offer hazard insurance, which pays up to ten million dollars in the event that an employee is injured or killed while on-duty. Other coverage options available through AIG travel insurance include:

Trip cancellation is another option included in AIG travel insurance coverage plans. In case a guard or members of his or her family suffer a sudden and unforeseen death or disability during a trip, his or her coverage will pay the cost of travel and other expenses related to the deceased person’s travel. Trip interruption coverage can be purchased separately. When purchasing this type of coverage, a guard should check with his employer to make sure he or she is eligible to purchase separate coverage. Guards should always check with their employer before purchasing any travel insurance coverage to ensure that it will provide adequate coverage.